"KnowledgeVsClimateChange: Community in transition for the Southern Outskirts of Reggio Calabria" is the project promoted by Pensando Meridiano with the Centro ABITALab dArTe Univ. Mediterranean of RC and the Ass. Reboot, for the construction and strengthening of knowledge and actions on sustainability, recycling, innovation and circular economy for adaptation to climate change in the Southern Suburbs of Reggio Calabria for the call "No Planet B - Fight Climate Change 2° ed." of Punto.Sud with Fondazione con il Sud and Fondazione Cariplo and co-financed with the initiative "There isn't a Planet B!" by the European Union.




"Urban design and spatial planning can play an important role in reducing the impacts of climate change". 

[LIFE Enviroment]


"Passage from 'one state to another', as a direct reaction to a pressure of change referred to a contemporary contingency, in search of a new balance".       

[C.Nava, 2019]


"Poor urban design can aggravate climate change impacts. The impermeability of areas reduces natural drainage and increases run-off that can lead to heavy rainfall and urban flooding".       

[LIFE Enviroment]


"The ecology of resilience, reads the speed and time with which a state of change is recovered that risks turning emergency into permanence".       

[C.Nava, 2019]


"A model of development that combines economic, social and environmental aspects, capable of ensuring a fairer and more prosperous society, with respect for future generations".       

[Rapporto SDGs 2019]


"We cannot build our future on a disposable model. Many natural resources are not infinite (...) In a circular economy the value of products and materials is maintained as long as possible". 

[Work package on circular economy, UE, 2015]

KETs - Enabling technologies

"Knowledge-intensive technologies associated with high R&D intensity, rapid innovation cycles, substantial investment expenditure and highly skilled jobs". 

[UE, 2009]



How we intervene

The general objective is to build and strengthen knowledge on urban sustainability, recycling, circular economy and possible actions for adaptation to climate change for the communities settled in the southern suburbs of Reggio Calabria as main actors of change for the agile and sustainable "future city". 

The capacity building tactics adopted are necessary to raise community awareness of the importance of circular processes and the adoption of good practices with reference to SDG 11, 12, 13 of Agenda 2030.

National Strategy for Sustainable Development



Periferia Sud

The South Suburbs of Reggio Calabria with its 40,000 inhabitants represents a case study of great interest for the application of the design theses triggered by the production scenario of the "regenerative city".

It is a suburbs highly compromised by the impact of widespread construction, road networks, the overlap between public and private, environmental degradation and decorum in marginal areas, its direct loss with the seafront, its coexistence with the industrial and productive area, its non-rational vehicular mobility, its unfinished pedestrian and cycle mobility. But it is an area with strong potential in terms of quality of life. [C. Nava, Dossier SAD, 2017]. With the course "Sustainability and Innovation of the Project - SID" by Prof. Consuelo Nava (dArTe-Unirc), an experimentation for regenerative actions in the southern suburbs was started with the students and the association Pensando Meridiano. It is possible to consult on the "open map" below which places have been involved in the projects of the SAD Workshop of the SID course (to learn more, here)


Who participates






KvsCC in Covid-19

In this time of emergency from covid-19, like many, we are forced to stay at home. Also in this moment, with a great spirit of "resilience and adaptation", we have continued to transfer knowledge on the project's themes, deepening the relationship between climate and the spread of new coronavirus contagion through the web and social platform (facebook), thanks to the commitment of the project team and the young people already involved in the activities, but we also felt the need, with the possible resources that could be activated, to support initiatives of digital and innovative "solidarity".



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