Workshop SAD

[Co-design actions and "vsClimateChange" projects]

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Workshop SAD II

Thesis workshop "Fragile Territories, Environment, Risks and Climate Change" by the Department of Architecture and Territory of the Mediterranean of Reggio Calabria
( C.Nava and M.Milardi)



Period: apr. / jun 2020

The experience proposed with the SAD II (Sustainable Advanced Design) Workshop, is part of the Atelier di Tesi proposing a dedicated experimentation on agile buildings in circular and resilient cities.
Innovative projects and enabling technologies for urban suburbs.
The results of this Third Mission activity will advance dArTe students towards the achievement of their thesis, conclude the period of internships in the planned structures (BFLtclab, ABITAlab and PMopenlab) and disseminate the proposal to the communities in the southern suburbs of Reggio Calabria with the planned co-design activity, through the Knowledge vs Climate Change project.  
The continuous training with the seminar cycle and the PMopenlab openschool is to be considered integrated to this path.



The WS SAD has investigated contemporary themes that connect enabling technologies to urban spaces. The city - subjected to a major stress in these years of strong settlement and environmental changes - from a "fragile" territory becomes the privileged context and the environment to be made resilient, in which to trigger these processes and graft three levels of innovation for the benefit of users/citizens. A sustainable and innovative, high performance project, through: the control of physical components, the integration of digital devices, the design and process of environmental factors.

Reference topics

Three are the reference topics for the experimentation of the project processes addressed in 3 steps:

STEP 1 (15 May 2020)_ Circular and Resilient Cities, ecologically adaptive.

STEP 2 (20 May 2020)_ Advanced Sustainable Building - Housing Agile Building

STEP 3 (3 June 2020)_Advanced Model Prototype


Design groups and areas of experimentation

Giuseppina Matranga, Silvia Vitale [Area Industriale - B]

Aldea Saccà - Elena Sellaro [Parco Luna - C]

Mariachiara Colosimo - Veronica Forestieri [Costa-confine ferroviario - D]

Davide Rosa [Area Stadio - E]

Roberta Raso, Chiara Sanò, Maria Trunfio [Rione Ferrovieri - F]

Giovanna Ballaccomo, Mariantonella Marasco, Desireè Mazzarello [Viale Calabria sud - I]

Luana Iacopini - Ivana Falcone [Viale Europa - M]


Workshop SAD 1

Course "Project Sustainability and Innovation", Prof.ssa C. Nava (dArTe-UniRC)


Period: 2016-2017

The experience proposed with the SAD (Sustainable Advanced Design) Workshop, with the sustainable project advanced to the scale of the city and the scale of technology, has found its application in the southern suburbs of the city of Reggio Calabria, the urban area where FabCity is located in LivingLab, the factory of innovation and creativity for young people in the South, well confiscated from the mafias and entrusted to the associations Pensando Meridiano and Reboot..


The WS SAD investigated contemporary themes of the relationship between enabling technologies and cities in an innovative vision of the city-laboratory for metropolitan city communities, through collaborative actions and tactics.

Reference topics

There are two reference topics for the experimentation of design processes: Smart mapping and Advanced process